Eaters and eating disorders

If this applies to you, it may be a sensitive topic. If it is, feel free to ignore it or not share.

I was wondering if any of you eaters out there have ever dealt with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or otherwise). I'll tell my story to start us off:

During my first year of high school, I got really really stressed out by the competitive environment. This made me really high strung just about all the time. Somehow, this led to me not having an appetite and eating very little during school hours. In itself, this was not a major problem. I ate well at home or outside, just not when I had classes. However, when my friends realized this, they all got VERY concerned and started watching me closely. It made me really really self conscious about food in general, as if people would scrutinize my every bite. It hindered me socially. During that first year, I lost 30 pounds without even trying. Even then, it made me even more self conscious about my weight. As my anxiety eased, I started eating more normally. But, it became about making my meals "worth it". And this in turn, morphed into a love of genuinely good food. And it sparked my interest in cooking because it was cheaper and healthier and fit my portion goals better! It's been a long time in coming, but I am glad to be so much more thoughtful about my food now.


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