Cookbook Category Naming Help, Please

I participate in a women's leadership forum at my company, which spans the entire nation and even a few other countries, and is meant to be a networking/fun forum for women. I have been put in charge (at my own behest) of creating a cookbook that will contain submitted recipes from all of the individual groups from around the country, and the funds raised will hopefully all go to charity.

Now, the fun part is trying to get it all put together, but right now we are having a hard time coming up with names for the different categories. We don't want it to just be "appetizers, entrees...", and instead have come up with something like "6" plates, 10" plates, 4" plates" to signify the sizes of the different plates used for each course. However, I feel like we can do better, but I just can't come up with much, and I was hoping that someone here might be able to come up with a snazzy idea that would work well.

As a little help, our rough ideas for the title of the book are things like "Family Favorites", "Giving Out Family Secrets", "Where Do You Shine", et cetera...although, I suppose that I am really open to ideas about that, too. The theme being something about divulging "secret" family recipes or one's own personal greatest "I am known for this" recipes, like my chocolate chip cookies or honey orange bread.

I would love to hear any thoughts that you have!


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