Chocolate Chip Cookie Preference: Is it A Memory Thing?

This started because once again my father's glucose level tested through the roof and I decided to remove a lot of the sugary things that he likes to graze on that exacerbate that problem. So, as a result, I have five different kinds of cookies at my desk at work (mostly chocolate chip variations) and have been conducting a small experiment:

Background: I grew up spending a lot of time with my grandmother (on my father's side) who made these amazing chocolate chip cookies that I have never really been able to replicate (mostly because she never measured anything), but loved!!! They are rich, gooey, fluffy and light. My mother, on the other hand, has always made the cookies with butter, not Crisco, two eggs, not one, more brown sugar, and less flour. Hers, then, are flat, really crunchy and dark. Not my style and I don't even tough them.

However, we have a debate going on, because both she and my father prefer those, while I and others that I work with prefer the fluffier ones. I am wondering if the reason that I prefer mine/my grandmother's is simply because I grew up on them and have very fond memories of them, while I cannot say the same for the ones that my mother made. *Or*, is it a sheer taste preference thing (i.e. some people prefer more crunch in a cookie, while others prefer more chewiness)?

What's your opinion on the origin (memory? taste?) and what is your preference?


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