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I am spending Memorial Day weekend in Chicago with DH and our friends . . . let's call them Mr. and Mrs. Reservation. Mr. Reservation travels and entertains a lot for his job and appears to have eaten at pretty much everywhere worth eating. He always knows about the hottest new places almost before they open (we ate at Alinea within six weeks of its opening and L2O within a month of its opening) and is the king of scoring the tough reservation.

As you might expect, dining with Mr. and Mrs. Reservation involves very serious eating, both of the fine and roadfood varieties. We already have reservations at Schwa, Takashi and Perennial for dinners. I expect that we will be bringing wine to Perennial and far too much wine to Schwa. (Travelling with Mr. and Mrs. Rez often involves bringing a lot of ibuprofen and having cab fare.) We will, of course, hit Hot Doug's for dogs and duck fat fries. I am adamant that we get to Double Li for what someone on this site accurately dubbed "chicken crack".

That leaves us with two lunches/brunches left to fill. I would love to get Mr. Rez to a place he has not heard of or that is really new for midday meals that are particularly tasty. One key element is a menu that will allow us to taste a wide variety of items, but will not kill us with portion size (as I anticipate that there will be far too much food and wine at dinner each night).

Serious Eaters, our lunches are in your hands. What do you suggest?


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