Yet Another Food Blog: help me name it

Hi all,

Ok, i'm jumping into the fray and want to start a food blog. Why? I'm a Vietnamese-American borned in VN but raised in the midwest. Left comforts of home for12 yrs of college, gradschool and training and during this time I craved my mom's home cooking and began to learn to cook, long distance often w/ mom on the phone. Since then my interest in food has grown to not just making mom's traditional Vietnamese specialties but all types of cuisine. My travels in Europe and Asia as well as living in Seattle and NYC has nurtured an adventuresome spirit and a nostalgia for great diverse food. I don't plan to make money off it but and just hope to have a nice following.

Name is Hong Pham. I've thought of Phamily Foods...but sounds tacky....FoodNostalgia..too plan...any suggestions appreciated!!!!

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