What do you collect?

Okay, I'll say it, I should be on a 12 step program for dishware. I love the stuff. I'm not a big fan of 8 full place settings. I prefer different settings for each person. I like the look. I have dragonware tea cups and saucers, dessert settings from the 18th century that have been in my family since, well, the 18th century, a set of my great, great, go on until 17th century, wine glasses. I have some of the most ridiculously beautiful chopsticks you've ever seen. BUT! I found the total crack of etsy.com and and now am fully addicted. I bought a bowl with dragonflies on it that was so beautiful, I've commissioned for a whole place setting.

So I guess my question is, do you collect? If so, what? Salt cellars, tea cups, Lodge?


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