What did you eat/drink at your wedding shower?

My fiance and I are in the midst of planning our wedding and the maid of honor is right in the thick of planning our wedding shower as bridal showers are kind of old-fashioned around these parts. She is pestering us with questions about what kind of food/drink we want to serve. Whether to do pot-luck or have it catered or both. She just texted me asking me my favorite beer and I responded with a hefty list and she yelled at me.

I asked for a barbecue/tex-mex theme as that is my favorite type of cuisine to cook/eat but we love sushi too. Should we try for something that will appeal to the guests? What should I do? How did you handle your wedding/bridal shower? What factors did you consider when deciding what food/drinks to serve? Did you even have a say? Should I even care!?!?

Being a foodie, I think the answer to the last questions is definitely yes. :)

I want to hear about your experiences. Please, enlighten me.


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