Raw Milk! What are my options?

Well, I'm now a dairy farmer. Sort of. Where I live, it's illegal to buy or sell raw milk. It's not illegal to have or use raw milk if you own cows. So, some dairy farmers will sell you part of the herd. You pay them room and board for your share, they milk your cows, bottle your milk, and you legally own raw milk.

So I bought a 1/2 share, which gives me 1/2 gallon of milk a week. I pick up my first half-gallon tomorrow, and I'm already planning on making yogurt. The next week, I might go for some kind of cheese...or yogurt. Or...on my cereal...

So now the wheels are turning. I'm looking for interesting things to do with my raw milk that doesn't work as well with pasteurized milk. Any suggestions?

Oh, and another benefit of owning part of the herd is that I can buy other raw-milk products that can't be sold to the general public. The dairy makes butter, yogurt and fresh cheeses, among other things. Oh, and there's fresh cream, too.


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