Passover Q&A

I'm not Jewish (well, my great-grandfather was, but that is another story) but I've studied religion/am fascinated with different cultural and religious traditions around food.

I thought I'd start a general Passover Q&A thread, given some people might have some questions about Passover, although mine is rather a silly one (don't know if anyone can answer it).

In most supermarkets (Wegmans') there is a large area with Kosher for Passover foods. I know that Passover foods are supposed to be kept in areas free from contamination from chometz (Passover-verboten grains and other foods). But in a supermarket, what if someone wanders through the area, cutting through the store with a loaf of bread, or a small child drops a box of cereal amongst the matzoh. Does that technically render the food non-kosher for Passover?

Sorry if that seems like a dumb question, but I've always wondered...


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