Need help with a corn crepe recipe from Symon/Ruhlman

Hi everyone, There's not much to do on Easter for a Jewish girl like me, so I've been in the kitchen all day. On second thought, that's not much different from what I do every other Sunday... So I have a potluck dinner party tomorrow night, and I'd planned on bringing the Corn Crepes with BBQ Sauce and Sour Cream recipe that Michael Ruhlman includes in "The Soul of a Chef." The recipe is Michael Symon's, and hails from Lola. Anyway, the corn crepes are really giving me problems. I followed the recipe exactly, but my first crepe spread out thick onto the pan and cooked to a custardy, eggy interior. I added a little more milk to the batter to thin it out. The next one was thinner, but the crepe remained mushy even after it was cooked through and the exterior browned. The flavor was great, but the structure totally killed it. This bad boy is supposed to hold duck confit, BBQ sauce, and sour cream, but it crumbled in my fingers.

At this point, I stepped away from the stove. However, I saved the rest of the batter, and was thinking about maybe adding some flour. However, I realized that I've never heard anything about this dish outside of the Ruhlman book, and don't know if the crepes are maybe supposed to be on the softer side. So my question is, has anyone else made this recipe, and if so, do you have any pointers or tips?

Thanks a lot, and happy Easter to all of those who celebrate it!


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