In theory [blank] sounded like a good idea...reality, however...

The other day I was really hungry at work and a little short on money at the time for the vending machines, and was limited to what I had in my desk at the time. I had one of those little micorwavable bowls of macaroni and cheese (the kid's size one), and I decided that I needed some comfort food, so I heated it up.

Going on the theory that tomato soup always seems to taste better to me with saltines crushed in it, I thought that I would try to find something to do the same in the mac and cheese (to add a little crunch and make it more filling). Unfortunately, at the time, all that I had were Stauffer's animal crackers (which I have recently mentioned that I have become addicted to again). Now, in theory, that could have worked....but just as a word of advice: it doesn't. Not a good combo. Just don't try it.

What about you? What you tried to pair together, maybe when you were desparate, or just having a strange craving, that sounded great in theory, but just didn't pan out?


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