Help me remember this breakfast cereal

Standing in the cereal aisle today, completely befuddled. I was trying to remember a cereal that I used to like, and after perusing Gorilla Nuggets and a billion kinds of Cheerios, I gave up.

So here's the clues: It was one of the older cereals. Older than Cap'n Crunch. It wasn't sweet. About as much sweet as I want in a cereal is plain Cheerios. Even the multi-grain Cheerios seem too sweet to me. Chex are okay, but that's not what I'm looking for. But nothing honey-glazed, frosted, or flavored.

It was NOT a flake cereal. It was something that would hold up to milk without getting soggy. I think it may have floated.

It definately wasn't shredded wheat or any of those other bale-of-hay cereals.

The cereal, as I remember it, may have had "puffed" or "popped" or something similar in the name. It was a fairly plain flavor. No cinnamon or fake fruit or nuggets or nuts or bits or raisins or chunks or granola.

Last time I had a cereal craving and I didn't buy Cheerios, I tried Kix because that seemed familiar. Way too sweet. But that puffy fluffy texture seems right.

Mom never bought bulk cereals or nameless large generic bags, so I'm certain this was a name-brand item.

Any ideas? Maybe it's not made any more, and that's fine, but I'd still like to remember what the heck it was.


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