Grown Up Treats

When grocery shopping with my two small nieces I'll usually allow them each to pick out a treat; something special, not on the grocery list, that's just for them. Sometime's they surprise me and pick out a healthy cereal, sometimes- as it's to be expected with children- they pick out something totally gross like super sour/sweet candy with hues not found in nature.

When grocery shopping alone, I rarely pick out a treat for myself. I'm a stickler for sticking to my grocery list which usually features special ingredients for new recipes I want to try, or everyday basics like bread, eggs, butter, etc. My boyfriend thinks it's weird that I never have impulse buys, never buy anything not on the list- no chips, no sales items. Most of this has to do with the fact that I'm on a super strict budget, but sometimes ... on very rare occassions, I indulge and pick out a "grown up treat."

Some of my favorite treats include Bosc pears and small wheels of brie for sandwiches, organic vanilla almond granola that's stupidly expensive given the amount provided, Mexican beer and limes, goat cheese and figs, expensive deli lunchmeat, focaccia bread that I don't have to bake myself, really, really good olive oil, huge jars of oil-packed sundried tomatoes (I eat a majority of them right out of the jar), Kalamata olives and good feta for snacking-

So yeah, those are a few of my favorite things. I buy them on very rare occassions because if I got these "treats" all the time, I'd be way broke.

Do you have any "grown up treats" that you buy for yourself sometimes? What keeps you from buying them all the time? Why are they treats; because they're decadent, because they're expensive?


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