Gluten free pizza at home

My doctor has me on a gluten free diet after I got some mixed test results, and I'm seriously craving my favorite thin, crispy pie made by my favorite pizzaiolo.

I don't have a pizza stone or any pizza specific equipment where I live, and I'm not sure that it'd be of benefit when cooking gluten free pie. I did, however, score a bag of Bob's Red Mill Gluten-free pizza crust mix in a raffle.

Does anyone have experience working with the Red Mill product, and any recommendations or warnings? I'm really uncertain of what kind of flavor profile to anticipate, and am trying to strategize my pie. I'm not one to ignore crust in favor of toppings, but I do tend to stick to white pies which are less forgiving to subcaliber crust. Is gluten free pizza something that one can only enjoy by overpowering the dough with the flavors of the toppings? Also, does anyone have a home brew recipe they'd recommend?



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