Garbanzo Beans

Tomorrow I'm going to begin prepping for a Greek-themed dinner I'm making on Tuesday: Falafel with all the fixin's, homemade tzatziki sauce, hummus, good feta, the whole nine yards. The only problem? I'm kind of confused as to how to actually make the falafel. I guess it's a big problem.

I've read some recipes that say you should only soak the garbanzo beans over night and then grind them up with the other falafel ingredients. Apparently they'll cook all the way though when you fry them. Other recipes reccomend boiling the garbanzo's as you would any other bean and then combining them with herbs and spices to be thrown in the food processor and turned into falafel at a later time.

I'm not really concerned about which way is authentic, I just want to know which tastes and comes out better. Has anyone made falafel? How'd you do it?

Thanks in advance!


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