"Field Trip" to St. John: need snacky lunch nonperishable ideas!

Hey all, my fourteen year old son is going to St. John in the Virgin Islands with a bunch of kids and a couple of Earth Science teachers and chaperones over spring break and it's affiliated with CampFire USA. While there, they will be clearing away brush from slave quarters and hiking and snorkeling around the island. Big breakfasts and dinners are provided. They would like the kids to bring "non-perishable, snacky type lunches" that can be carried in a pack with them during the day to where ever they happen to be. The food needs to be able to stand up to 80-85 degree days. And they also need to be able to pack light. This is a ten day trip and I need to pack this in his luggage to go with him. He will have be able to buy some stuff at the camp store, but that might not always be practical depending on where they happen to be that day. So far, all I've come up with is those cheese and cracker pkgs (Keebler processed ones), peanuts and Slim Jims. I'm hesitant to do trail mix with any sort of chocolate due to the melty factor and I'm not sure about dried fruit such as cranberries due to the sticky factor. If anyone knows how well those stand up to 80-85 degree days, I'd love to know. He'll be taking some Crystal Light fortified mix tubes to mix with water during the day, so I'm not concerned about beverages. He's a cross country and track runner and growing like crazy and the amount he eats and still is skinny just amazes me. So, any suggestions would be appreciated. I know he'll have the opportunity for a big breakfast, but like me, he usually eats lighter in the morning during warm weather. I just don't want him to end up really hungry during the day while being so active. Some field trip, eh? I just want this to be a good experience for him, as it's the first one far away from us.


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