Do you ever use the cookbooks that came with small appliances?

The collecting thread made me think of this. I'm in the process of scanning in all the little pamplets and manuals and cookbooks that I've got, and some of them are from appliances like crockpots. Not all of them are applicances I've owned, like the blender cookbook from 1955.

I have a few of these types of cookbooks that I refer to regularly, like I'll check the pressure cooker one for how long a specific item should cook. But I don't think I've ever needed to open a blender cookbook to make a milkshake. On the other hand, now that I'm scanning these things in, some of the recipes look halfway decent and I might be more likely to use them if I've got them on the computer and can do a search. Otherwise, the chance of me wading through a dozen pages of "how to assemble your blender" just to see if there's an egg salad recipe is pretty slim.

So how about you? Do you ever use the recipes that came with applicances? How about the little Pillsbury Bake-Off type cookbooks that they sell at checkout stands?


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