Dairy-Free Easter Dessert

So my mother just called me and asked me to post a question for her:

This Sunday is the Easter that the western world celebrates, we still have one week until Orthodox Easter, also known as Greek Easter.

This means that for our mock Easter dinner this week there will still be people who are lenten (this means totally vegan). She wants to try and make a dessert called Konafa, which is like two layers of shredded wheat filled with a sweet ricotta mixture. She was going to try and sweeten some firm silken tofu to get the same texture, but isn't sure how well it will work.(All the recipes we found for vegan ricotta substitute were for savory foods like lasagna and included nutritional yeast and other ingredients that would not work with the sweet dessert.

Here's a link if you want to see what Konafa looks like: http://etpourquoinon.free.fr/konafa.html ---Sorry the only picture I could find was in French!

Any advice would be great, thanks! (and yes, we could just wait to eat the real thing, but where's the fun in that?!)


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