coveting kitchenaid

I'm so excited that I just had to share with you all-my folks dropped by with an early birthday gift for me last night...a red Kitchenaid mixer! I've been dreaming about one for years now & was sure I'd have to get married someday, just so I could put it on my registry! Even better though...I texted my boyfriend a picture of me with it & he texted back with another picture-the red Kitchenaid mixer that HE had bought for me! ha ha...I'm so lucky. :) Anyway, I know this isn't a 'serious' topic, but I figured that my friends here at SE would understand how thrilled I am about it. My parents were even nice enough to bring a cake mix along, so I could throw one together right away. I'm totally in heaven. Turning 30 isn't so bad after all-who knew? Oh, and I have a big interview today, so please send me some good vibes! (If I don't get it, I may wind up eating the rest of that cake & that's not good for anybody.)


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