Black Garlic...anyone heard of this? out of it am I that I have not heard of this? Has anyone out there tried this? Can you make your own...or is it some outrageous process? I got the info below from one of my other 'foodie' newsletters...what do you all think? ~PJ

Black in Favor - When it comes to garlic, black is the new black.

How many foodies does it take to change a light bulb? Well, if we're talking about the latest garlic obsession, the bulb is supposed to be dark.

Already popular in Korea and Japan, black garlic is simply regular garlic that's aged and fermented until it develops a dark color and soft texture. It may look funny, but the flavor is seriously savory with a touch of sweetness (think hints of molasses), minus the bite and pungency of raw garlic.

And food lovers aren't the only fans of this "it" ingredient. Black garlic has long been praised for its health benefits, which include high levels of antioxidants (some claim it has almost double those in regular garlic) and antibacterial compounds believed to fight cancer.

Buy some online and start experimenting by using it in your favorite dishes (like roast chicken), these recipes, or any way you like. Its mild flavor and tender consistency make it so versatile, you could even pop some straight into your mouth as a snack.

We bet you'll start seeing garlic in a whole new light.


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