Your cooking 'personality type'

In today's New York Times there is an article in the "Well" column about how there are different types of cooks: Giving, Methodical, Competitive, Innovative and Healthy. The article talks about how you are one type of cook and how your style of cooking impacts the health of your family. I thought it was over generalizing and a somewhat silly bit of sociology. My style of cooking, for example, is dependent on the day of the week, how tired I am, how hungry I am, if I have seen a good recipe recently, how my clothes are fitting and what my bf wants to eat, etc. I think that people's cooking styles are influenced by what's available in the grocery store, what they can afford, did they see some tempting food item on TV or the internet, how far away the store is, how many children do they have, do they work, etc. It's simplistic, I think, to take a person's ideal style of cooking and apply it to their lifestyle without taking other factors into account.

What is your cooking style, if any, and how does it apply to your real life? What do you think of this article and quiz?

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