Yeast raised gingerbread

Okay, I've got a little wriggling idea that won't leave me alone, and I had to ask if anyone's seen this done well.

I was reading recipes (what else do I do, really?) and found a recipe for, get this, Black Sticky Gingerbread, from 101cookbooks. It sounded so good that I felt it deserves capital letters. And I was thinking yeast leavened instead of soda.

What do you guys think? It might be defeating the purpose, making dense chewy gingerbread something it's not supposed to be (texturally light). You probably couldn't taste the yeast, right? Caveats aside, something tells me it it could turn out kind of amazing.

Weird food gushings aside, does anyone know if honey inhibit yeast action? It's antimicrobial, right?


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