Weekend Lunch (Not Brunch)

I'm not sure if this is a NYC specific phenomenon, but it's getting near impossible for me to go out somewhere in my neighborhood on the weekend and have lunch. I'm not talking about a menu with free mimosas, 4 egg options and an obligatory pasta or sandwich. Sometimes I want lunch with varied savory food options (and maybe even nice lunch) on a Saturday at 1pm and not pancakes or eggs. Enjoying a nice meal during the middle of the day seems decadent, and is something I can't do during the week because I'm at work.

Am I alone here? Does everyone else just loooove waiting around for a no reservations brunch table to have an egg that you could make just as well yourself at home for super duper cheap? Should I stop my whining and give the chefs who have killed themselves on Fri and Sat nights a break? What gives?


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