Serious Efforts: Whole Deer Neck

I am going to receive a whole deer neck via FedEx tomorrow. It has been skinned and frozen solid, but is otherwise pretty much intact. I would like some advice from anyone here experienced with taking deer apart.

I would like to remove the muscles from each other and from the bone in as large and unmolested pieces as possible.

- What things should I look out for or avoid?

- Any glands or other organs I should make sure to remove?

- Is there anything I should be careful not to puncture that might taint the meat?

- Is there any tasty offal in there I should keep, such as the sweetbreads?

- Anything else I haven't asked about that is important to know???

I plan on consulting some books and websites on the matter, but was hoping I could get some pointers from the community.

Thank you!

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