Serious Efforts: Planting a Deck Veggie Garden

I have decided to do a very modest veggie/herb garden on my deck this year. I am thinking of starting really small, with perhaps 2 tomato plants, 1 jalepeno pepper plant, and a window/deck box with some herbs (cilantro and basil).

I have a huge yard which would be perfect for a big garden, but I know I won't get out there to weed it, and we have LOTS of deer, so I don't want to have to built all sorts of fencing, etc., I just want to start with a deck garden this year, and see how I do.

I found some really nice deck boxes which are wrought iron and have that lining of stuff that looks like a bird's nest/burlap sack. Would I just fill that up with potting soil and plant my baby herb plants or seeds? Would that work? Or is there a better way?

Also, I was thinking of planting the tomato plants and pepper plant in barrel planters. Any suggestions on how best to make sure they do well? My deck gets direct morning sunlight (until around 2 pm) and I live south of Atlanta. Thanks for your suggestions!

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