SE Offline: Twin Cities Get Together

Going off of some earlier threads in which there seemed to be some people in the MN - Twin Cities area that would be interested in getting together offline for a dinner or something like that, this is the official thread to get that going!

As it turns out, the Cheap Chick is a member of this site, too, and she lives in the Twin Cities, as do I (obviously). She has a public site, which I hope that she will attach, since when I just tried it didn't work (thank you in advance), so that people interested can respond and connect/exchange information over there through her email, rather than giving everyone on SE (not that we don't love you all) our personal information.

So, with that said, I would like to know if there are those of you that might still be interested in getting together. If so, please contact through her email on her site any ideas for places, times, dates, et cetera and *hopefully* we can connect sometime soon!!!


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