Perfect Pudding, Please? Rice, that is...

I have been craving a really creamy version of rice pudding, and have tried several recipes over the years, never to have achieved the perfection I desired. What I am looking for is a rice pudding that is similar to the one they serve at the Greek restaurants, like Coney Island. Mine never turns out like the pudding that they have in those flat plastic containers . What I want is more white than the pale yellow that seems redolent of a custard. And of course it must have the requisite dusting of cinnamon on top. Raisins are optional.

When I was growing up, we always made the "baked" style, using several eggs and raisins. Mom would add a squeeze of lemon juice (I didn't understand it then), a pretty generous splash of vanilla and then nutmeg on top - never cinnamon! I didn't care if it was hot, warm or ice cold from the fridge. Don't get me wrong - I still love it baked that way - but I am on the search for the perfect stove-top cooked version.

Judging from over 30 responses to the post last December on how you like your rice pudding, I would have to assume some of you out there have great recipes. You know who you are! Would you be so kind as to share your secrets?


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