On the Hunt for Cocoa Peeps

Let me say up front that I am a big fan of Peeps regardless of the time of year or theme. Yes, I know they are a bit tacky, but to me it is not spring without consuming a few packages.

However, last year I found the most delicious Peeps ever . . . COCOA PEEPS BUNNIES! Yes, all that marshmallowy, sugary, Peepy goodness, but in a lovely warm cocoa brown shade and with a tasty light cocoa chocolatey and sugar outside coating.

I could not get enough of them and consumed several packages last spring. I have been eagerly looking forward to their seasonal return.

The problem is that I cannot locate these anticipated delicacies anywhere. I purchased them at Target last year and none are to be found there. (There is not even a space where they used to be as evidence of their continued existence.) Nor can they be located at Walmart, Walgreens, my local grocery stores (I have looked in about half a dozen of them so far) or any of an assortment of area vendors with large holiday candy displays.

I am discouraged by the thought of spring without the cocoa bunny Peeps. Has anyone seen them anywhere? Does anyone have advice on obtaining them?

And finally, I have seen "orange cream" Peeps eggs in the stores this season. I tried the Peeps peppermint stars last winter around Christmas and found them inedible. Has anyone test-driven the new flavor? Is it worth trying or will I be happier sticking to the classic chick Peeps this season?


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