Need help with a personal, touchy dilemma.

Hubby and I are moving in with his folks next week (BIG house). Dad has early-mid stage alzheimer"s, and Mom forgets a lot. We've tried doing it with living only a few miles apart for a few years, but they need someone there almost 24/7 now. Here's my uncomfortable situation: Not only is Mom not a good cook, but I don't trust her cooking. Either she's unsanitary, undercooks, uses out of date products, or uses stuff that I think should have been refrigerated, and she doesn't. She grew up during the depression, and has different ideas than I have regarding food prep and storage. We are very close, and I love her to death, but she is very, very sensitive, which makes it difficult to give her constructive advice. She had stated that she can't wait to share the cooking duties with me. Does any SEer's have any advice on how I can handle this situation, short of hubby and I not eating her food? That would become pretty apparent after the 2nd meal or so. Help!!


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