Have you ever been snowed in and what did you eat?

I was afraid that yesterday would be the third time in my life I was snowed in--however, I dug out by afternoon and hopefully will have time to frolic today! Of course, I stopped at the grocery store ;)

However, I have been snowed in--and when I say snowed in I mean GENUINELY snowed in, as in roads impenetrable--twice. I used to debate in college, and in the infinite wisdom of college students, overnight debate tournaments were scheduled in upper MA colleges during the second (coldest) semester.

I got snowed in at Wellsley college. A girl from the host team put my schools debate team for the night. She only had vodka and herbal tea in her room. We made some peanut butter sandwiches from the dining hall, which was cleaned out and serving no hot food because the school was closing up for 'spring' break. I had an argument with her that my addiction to coffee was not psychological, and decaf tea would not suffice. Also, I do not drink vodka. That sucked.

At Amherst, the entire college was coated in an inch of ice. Literally. At least the debate team served good (non herbally infused, incidentally) brownies and we slid to get crappy Chinese food and Subway.

So, have you ever been snowed in (and I don't mean a few hours delay in getting to the store snowed in) for an extended period of time--what did you eat, was it good, and what did you miss?


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