Going Local (When it's not Actually your Neighborhood)

I've never lived in Cobble Hill, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, but for the past 3 years, find myself going to Sahadi's, a Lebanese-owned store that has amazing Middle Eastern fare (and great coffee) at low prices. However, the BF does not agree that it's worth a 35 minute subway ride (with 1 transfer) to get raw hazelnuts, dried fruits, spices, hummus, MANGO JUICE, goat cheese pizza and French Roast coffee at $4.75/lb. Oh and their olive selection is just ridiculous. In fact, I've come to know the family that runs the store and ask for constant advice on how to avoid my usual mayhem in the kitchen, which the BF found strange since I'm Jewish until I explained how even people who disagree in terms of politics will come together when the talk's hummus and baklava.

Does anyone else go out of their way for "neighborhood" stores or restaurants that aren't anywhere near you?


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