French-Door Refrigerators - I don't get it!

Apologies, this technically isn't a direct cooking or baking question, but it is kitchen related and I was hoping the formidable foodie-brain trust here could lend a hand :)

I'm at the edge of needing to order a complete set of appliances for a new home I am building... My current dilemma: All of the attention being given to French door refrigerators!

Can anyone explain the benefit of these, either direct or theoretical?

In testing them out, it seems that: - the left door wont ever close on its own - the flap won't latch - opening either door is too small to really browse - both are needed - the freezer is usually way too tall

I am trying to talk myself into one because all of the innovation seems to be going on there... the single-door, bottom-freezer models are almost non-existent. And definitely not in my brand or model preference!

Anyway, would appreciate any discussion you folks want to throw at this topic ;)


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