Food "gifts." Is this tacky?

I was thinking about giving some of my home-made vinegar to a bunch of co-workers, but I haven't found any decent small bottles that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg if I give them away to a lot of people. And I'd rather offer the vinegar to everyone at our weekly meeting rather than singling out a few.

So...would it be horribly tacky for me to send an email around and say that if anyone wants to try the vinegar, they should bring me a small empty food-appropriate bottle?

Besides saving me the cash, it would also mean that I'd be giving the vinegar to people who really wanted it enough to make an effort to bring a bottle.

And FYI, I've searched the local kitchen and craft stores for bottles. I can get fairly cheap ones with corks, but I don't trust that the corks would stay put when the bottles are filled and traveling. I found bottles that I thought would be lovely, but they were eight bucks each, which would be fine for a few special people, but not in quantity. Cheapest sealable option would be small canning jars, but bottles make more sense for vinegar.

So...mason jar, bring-your-own-bottle, or...?


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