Food art and artists

Hey SE'ers,

I am currently working on a series of food-related installation art pieces (for my thesis), most recently "icing" walls with royal icing. I am not all that familiar with other artists - not chefs, though I do consider them artistic - who use food as a topic or theme. Do any of you know of something like this?

The few I can think of are generally photographers, like Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle (amazing!) or Carl Warner and Kathryn Parker Almanas. I know about bento art and I've seen a lot of art involving fruits and veggies styled to look like faces or animals, so what I'm looking for are artists who deal with food on a more conceptual level. Since this is my thesis project, I will have to give a presentation/defense, and it's important for me to be aware of art and artists that relate to my work. Any help is appreciated!


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