Disturbed by near-slavery in Florida's tomato industry

I came across this article in Gourmet recently (http://www.gourmet.com/magazine/2000s/2009/03/politics-of-the-plate-the-price-of-tomatoes) and was appalled and surprised by my naivete of the subject.

As a relatively conscious eater, I had no idea that most of the tomatoes in grocery stores and restaurants (unless locally grown in season) are picked by migrant workers living in slavery in Florida. I started checking out even the more socially responsible establishments in my area and discovered that even they were using imported tomatoes.

None of us really needs a fresh tomato in December (not that they're any good...). So why is this happening? I would like to hear some of your thoughts as it's an important issue and I'm sure cases like this are not isolated to Florida tomatoes.


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