Disgusting Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

I had such high hopes. I found a coupon in a local mailer for a bakery that made cupcakes and wedding cakes. Since I'm getting married in May and I had a coupon, I thought I would check it out. Me and a friend got a vanilla cupcake and a chocolate cupcake. The icing was great. The vanilla was pretty tasty. The chocolate....not so good, but not inedible. Well we were having a girl's night so we decided to order a dozen ($32!!!!) of assorted flavors to test out for the wedding. Some of the flavors were blondie (tasted like dirt), cookies and cream (gray and clumpy), orange creamsicle (dubbed orange A**) and strawberry (indescribable). I'm not exagerrating when I say they were inedible. They were so bad that I wanted to call the lady that owns the bakery and tell her in a nice way that she shouldn't sell cupcakes anymore. What would be the best way to say something like that?


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