Bugs in the cupboard

This is pretty gross... I noticed a couple of bugs in a cupboard where I keep empty jars, spices and extra bulk dried goods that didn't fit into jars. There were a couple in an empty jar. I don't know how they got there, as the jar appears to have been closed.

Then I pulled out a bag of brown rice and found little holes in it. There was a bug trapped in one of those holes. When I transferred the bag's contents to a jar I found a bunch wriggling around. Obviously I'm throwing out that rice. I'm disgusted now.

Does anyone have a solution to both prevent bugs and to get rid of the ones I've got? Is there some sort of trap?

I'll have to go through the cupboard carefully and throw things out and give it a good cleaning. I guess I'm getting rid of stuff for passover after all.


I'm putting this under "good and drink" although it's more miscellaneous.


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