Any luck with Newflower (or Sunflower) Farmers Market?

Newflower Farmers Market (sibling of Sunflower Farmers Market) opened in Austin about a month ago. I finally took the trip down south to check this place out. I had heard it was similar to Trader Joe's, so naturally I was excited.

When I lived in Santa Fe for a year, I depended on Trader Joe's for cheeses, meats, breads, yummy dips, and (actually tasty) frozen dinner options. However, Newflower did not live up to these expectations today. I was disappointed with their selections of frozen and prepared foods. Not to mention, I didn't find any great bargains compared to my neighborhood HEB.

Have any of you Serious Eaters had luck with Newflower or Sunflower Farmers Market? What have been some of your best buys and favorite products of theirs?


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