"...and the chicken tastes like wood."

Channelling my inner Sugarhill Gang, guys, sorry... But seriously, SErs, I have an issue with my husband's love of boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast. It seems no matter how much I season it or marinate it, I end up with charred blocks of chicken-wood. Incidentally, he does not seem to mind this so much, but I find it hard to choke down. I myself prefer a nice, juicy thigh or leg on the grill, complete with skin and fat and all the goodness...buy DH is adamant -- for him: no skin, no bones, white meat only. So, in order to keep everyone happy, I'm asking for some interesting suggestions on sauces or gravies or salsas or anything that can be put on top of his grilled chicken-wood pieces. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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