Just wondering if anyone else has tried Aerogarden for herbs, lettuces, or tomatoes. How did you like it?

I got one for Christmas and was excited about it. Set it up in mid January, and I am sad to say that the only herb that really seemed to thrive was basil. My dill does all right, but mint hasn't really got going (not any usable quantity), and same for my chives, which I was so excited to have. Oregano and thyme do okay, except last week the thyme started to die.

I admit that I let it go dry the week before I took the bar, but it was a matter of 3 days. Could that have been enough to make irreversible damage?

If anyone has tried the lettuce or tomato pods, how did you like them? I'd love to have chives and dill available all the time, but not if it means 2-3 plants I don't use. Would it really be a terrible thing to mix the sets?


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