What's In A Pop-Tart? A Friendly Chat With Kellogg's

What exactly is in a Pop Tart? One crusading health-food advocate called Kellogg's and had an illuminating chat with one of their representatives:

All of our colors are approved by the FDA,” she said. “We wouldn’t put anything in our products that’s harmful to our consumers.”

Many, however, feel that the synthetic additives rampant in foodstuffs are responsible for a host of health problems.

To further defend the use of artificial colors, Veronica stated several times that they are used “to give the desired appearance to the food.”

“What’s ‘color added’?” I asked, referring to the ingredient “color added.” “Aren’t there enough colors added?”

“That’s referring to titanium dioxide, which is used in minimal amounts for whitening.”

I asked why “titanium dioxide” isn’t written instead of “color added.”

Kellogg’s, Veronica explained, isn’t required by the FDA to list titanium dioxide. I wonder if paint makers or sunscreen producers are required to list the titanium dioxide found in their products.


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