Sushi Yasuda Sushi Mystery

Last Saturday I went to Sushi Yasuda for dinner with my boyfriend. We got the Valentine's tasting menu (which was terrific) and the only problem was that our waitress' English was weak and she couldn't name one of the items on our plate. It turns out that this very piece of sushi was the most surprising and oddest things I have ever tasted and for the life of me, I can't figure out what it was.

The waitress seemed to think that the translation might be abalone (which I've never tasted), but this fish had no taste at all. It was all about the texture - crunchy! It didn't really have the texture of a clam - it was firmer but not necessarily chewy. The fish was lightly scored across the top and was sort of round and of a yellow hue. I have no idea what I ate. Can anyone help me?


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