Spam Experience

I've never eaten Spam. I've heard some people say it's similar to cheap lunch meat- thus, not so bad, while others have said it's the most vile stuff on the planet.

My very old great uncle will eat the gelatinous stuff right out of the can; just the thought of it makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. My mom says it's good once it's fried up. My boyfriend, who's as honest and up front as they come said- and I quote- "It's alright if you're really hungry and you heat it up, if not it kind of tastes like s*&[email protected]"

I know people put it in sandwiches and some even make sushi roll type things with it. Plus, I'm assuming it's becoming popular again because of its cheap price and the crappy economy. I'm curious about the stuff and wondering if I should FINALLY taste it.

What has been your Spam experience? Is it horrible, alright, tasty (maybe)? What can you do with it other than sandwiches?


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