Sourdough Starter: Oh, Dear - Have I Killed Mongo?

So, on Sunday, BF decided to make a sourdough starter. He's never made one before and put the requisite ingredients into a bowl to begin the process. It bubbled along merrily, with a fairly thick, sticky mass that had risen to the top and the liquid (apparently called "hooch") separate but still underneath the sticky mass. I was fairly certain this was ok, but BF wanted independent verification from the Internet. Upon Googling it, we realized that while separation was normal, BF had erred by making the mixture (we had now lovingly named "Mongo") in a metal bowl. We then put Mongo into a ceramic bowl and loosely draped paper towels over the top (we are cheeseclothless) and let it continue to breed on the table top (our kitchen is about 70 F). This morning, the hooch is completely over the top and it's not bubbling very much at all. Did I kill Mongo?


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