Serious Deal: Chicago Metallic Jellyroll pans for cheap

I'm not affilitated with any retailer of any kind, and I rarely am more than passively interested in the sur la table emails I still get ... but I have a Chicago Metallic jellyroll pan and it rocks. I bought it on the cheap at a Ross (plus a calphalon one too, couldn't find a matching set but I figured two good brands of same sized pans was still a good find) and I prefer the Chicago Metallic one to the Calphalon. It just seems sturdier and doesn't seem to warp like the calphalon one does (though it always does snap back to form).

Anyways, I'm still debating on whether or not to buy these puppies at ~$25 for three pans given my recent internet shopping habits, but if you're in need, it's a pretty good deal.


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