Pastrami Sandwich OR Corned Beef Sandwich?

For me, it's like Sophie's Choice. Hot and cold. Both.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, pro and con on both.

Grilled Reuben with sauerkraut or slaw (I know - slaw is supposed to go on cold sandwich only but I like it on grilled as much as sauerkraut, but not both) and swiss & Russian dressing on rye.

Hot pastrami. I also like it with swiss, but provolone wouldn't be turned down. Again, has to be rye (which includes pumpernickel).

If you are also a fan, make us your sandwich or sandwiches! I know it says OR in capital letters, but I don't have that cruelty in my heart on Superbowl Sunday, so I'll let you choose both or neither. This generosity may not happen again, so take advantage now! ;-D


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