Over-(insert spice here)ed, now what?

Last night I made Mario Batali's "chicken with green sauce" which I honestly believe is the easiest, tastiest verde sauce out there - I make it all the time.

Unbeknownst to me I ended up with the hottest serrano pepper the market had to offer - and realized it after I'd pureed it into the sauce. Now I L-O-V-E hot, spicy dishes, in all shapes and forms, but this was eye-watering miserable. After spending an hour tweaking, adding water, chicken stock, more cilantro, anything I could think of, I finally had it edible, and dinner turned out fantastic.

However, it got me thinking - is there some trick or remedy to counter-balance spiciness? What are other things you do when you over-salt, over-spice, or over-acidify(real word?) your foods, without tossing out the whole batch and starting over?


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