Not passionate about food... A relationship deal breaker?

Right. So February 14th (aka Single's Appreciation Day) has come and gone, and now that the lights have been turned up again, I have a hard question to ask myself. If the person you are dating is great in every way, but you can't go to your favourite restaurant because THEY are averse to the cuisine, is this relationship doomed?

Or similarly, if you yourself are a person with a passion for cooking, eating, and farmers market-ing, but your main squeeze is all "foodwhat?" and could subsist on a diet fit for the palate of a 4 year old (no spice, no sauce, pass the Krap Dinner and that bottle of ketchup thanks) would this be a deal breaker for you?

I guess the real question I'm pitching and have to answer for myself - assuming that everyone here more-than-appreciates the gastronomical experience; do any of you have a successful love relationship with a significant other who is "just not into" food? AND HOW DOES THAT WORK EXACTLY!!

PS: yes, the other passion that matters, is great ;)


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