Kahlua dessert

I'd consider myself a foodie, but I have to say I've been lusting for a dessert I had at a get together last year. It was simple, rich and one of the best desserts (admittedly) I have ever tasted. I don't know what to call it to seek out a recipe - it had almost a chocolate chip cookie base (that tasted like the cookies were soaked in Kahlua), a rich pudding like middle layer with chocolate chips in it, and a whipped cream layer on top. I fell in love. It must have been the Kahlua! I have thought about that dessert ever since, and have no idea who brought it to the party (so I am unable to get the direct recipe). Does anyone have any insight as what I might call a dessert like this? Or steer me toward a recipe? It wasn't really a trifle, or a tiramisu, or a pudding cake.....but it was embarrassingly the tastiest dessert ever. I must have it again!


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