I don't go there, because I can't eat the food

Well, she did it again. I went to dinner at the future mother-in-law's last night, and this was the menu:

Ham - virtually unrecognizable. It was cooked until crispy, and sweet as candy (I think they glaze it with some sort of soda).

Chicken Enchiladas - also unrecognizable. There were no tortillas that I or the fiance could see. It was like a creamy undercooked chicken soup with a pile of industrial grade cheddar on top.

Whipped cream / Jello salad cake - Well, they are Mormons, and Mormons love Jello. All jokes aside, there is always some variation on the whipped cream and jello theme, usually with marshmallows also involved. Too rich and sweet for me.

Ramen and nut salad? - I don't know what else to call it. It's a salad made with Italian dressing, broken pieces of Ramen soup, and nuts. Has anyone else ever had this? What the hell is it?

Crescent rolls - Completely blackened on the outside and dough in the middle.

Potato Salad - In the deli container. This was the only somewhat edible thing on the menu.

Now, this was a dinner for 12 guests, including people visiting from out of the country. It would never occur to me to put any of this on my table. It's getting harder and harder to be polite and put anything cooked at this house in my mouth. Does anyone here have any places they avoid, restaurants or homes, because to them the food is completely inedible?


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